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Who We Are

Red Herring Morris is a mixed morris dance team that was formed in January, 2000 by a merger of Lemon & Capers Morris and Middlesex Morris. Our repertoire consists of "border" morris dances, written in a style that comes from England near the Welsh border. We practice on Wednesday evenings in Belmont, Massachusetts (USA).

Red Herring Morris is always looking for new dancers and musicians. If you can jump up and down for a few minutes at a time, you can learn to morris dance. If you're a musician with a portable instrument and can play fairly simple folk tunes (which you wouldn't mind having in your head for several hours after practice), you can play music with us! If either of these describes you (especially you've just gotten up from your computer to try!) you should join us for a practice!

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About Herrings

Some fishes become extinct, but herrings go on forever. Herrings spawn at all times and places and nothing will induce them to change their ways. They have no fish control. Herrings congregate in schools, where they learn nothing at all. They move in vast numbers in May and October.

Will Cuppy, How to Become Extinct, University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1984, p. 13.

Ubiquitous paragraph on Morris origins

Morris is a seasonal ritual dance performed in England, and more recently in other countries as well. There are many proposed theories for the origin of the morris. These are, in general, mutually contradictory and based mostly on fantasy and misunderstanding. We will therefore refrain from embracing any particular theory on this site.

If you have followed the above link several times and you are still confused, you should probably watch us dance and decide for yourself.

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